Our Business

The International Market

No world market is a perfect text book market, where all the participants have all the information and supply matches demand at all times. In every market place there are uncertainties, changes in technologies, financial risks, currency risks, transportation and storage costs, unknown constraints, etc… .

The Meat and Poultry Industry

Our international meat by-products industry is, beside the above, also characterised by risks of disease outbreaks (imposing of import/export bans), change in import regulation/duties, trade disputes (that stops exports), best before dates of the frozen goods, etc… .

The Towers Thompson Group of Companies

Towers Thompson is well experienced and trained to face these uncertainties and solve them in a good way for more than 110 years. The company has a unique knowledge and contacts in relations to the world meat market. We are members in many European and Third countries associations to have an information lead in the market place. We also have strong transport and insurance contracts in place to ensure a safe and competitive transport rate. We finance the transport period, so our partners can reduce their cash requirements. We take away the risks of sudden changes in exchange rates from our partners.

The Far East Export Department

Towers Export Trading helps you to overcome the mentioned market inefficiencies. We can help you find the right product to substitute a more expensive product in your formulation. We identify the market price. We show you origins of products and cuts of products you were not aware of before. We show you sales outlets you did not have before. We minimise your risk on the purchase and the selling side. In short, we help to create this by-product market to make it work and to help you focusing on your businesses were your expertise and time is best used.


You are in Asia and you need to buy beef/pork/poultry by-products on a full container basis, please contact us. We will help you with product specification, market information, financing the long sea journey and ensure a fair market price. We arrange transport until CIF main Asia port in the week arrival you want to minimise your stock/cash requirement and ensure ‘just in time’ delivery.


If you are in Europe and you need to sell pork/poultry by-products on full container basis and you need assistance to find the fair market price and minimise your credit and transport/shipping risk on selling outside Europe please contact us.