Buy and sell meat, poultry and by-products safely and successfully with Towers Thompson

The Towers Thompson Group

Towers Thompson is an International Food Group which was established in 1898. The Group specialises in the import, export and distribution of chilled, frozen and cooked meats and poultry, as well as frozen fish and seafood.

Towers Export Division (Far East Exports)

Our Export Division specialises in exporting pork, poultry and a wide range of other protein by-products from Europe to the Far East Markets in 40 foot refrigerated containers.

Our company employs highly trained and specialised individuals to ensure that all transactions are undertaken using the best trading practices and with a lot of accuracy on product specifications, packagings, documents, and delivery dates.

Our trading team always visits and audits factories in Europe before we buy products to ensure that the factory provides the best product and controls the quality.

Our Far East Export operation has an international presence, with offices located in the UK, Germany and Spain.

We provide full logistics and transport services to Asian Ports CIF (Inco Terms 2010).